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    Gordon Matta-Clark

    Conical Intersect, 1975


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    Jacobus de Zetter - Emblemata nova (1617).

    (via unnaturalist)



  4. A terrorist society is the logical and structural outcome of an over-repressive society ; compulsion and the illusion of freedom converge ; unacknowledged compulsions besiege the lives of communities (and of their individual members) and organize them according to a general strategy ; the distinction between other-directed and inner-directed conscience is abolished since what now plays the part of inner is the other disguised, integrated and justified; opposition is silenced either through being condemned as a perversion and thus invalidated, or by integration. According to our theory a society where violence and bloodshed reign is not a ‘terrorist’ society, for whether red or white, political terror is short-lived; it is a means used by a specific faction to establish and maintain dictatorship ; political terror is localized, it cannot be imputed to the social ‘body’, and such a society is terrorized rather than terrorist. In a terrorist society terror is diffuse, violence ; is always latent, pressure is exerted from all sides on its members, who can only avoid it and shift its weight by a super-human effort; each member is a terrorist because he wants to be in power (if only briefly); thus there is no need for a dictator; each member betrays and chastises himself; terror cannot be located, for it comes from everywhere and from everything; the ‘system’ (in so far as it can be called a ‘system’) has a hold on every member separately and submits every member to the whole, that is, to a strategy, a hidden end, objectives unknown to all but those in power, and that no one questions. But this does not mean th.at such a society can avoid change, for it may find itself in a state of crisis while doing all it can to avoid it ; but when such upheavals occur they are officially interpreted and directed (or misdirected); it is conservative as a body, owing to a certain resilience (or lack of it) in its public services, institutions and structures; its ‘values’ need no explaining, they are accepted, they are compelling and any desire to understand or question them savours of sacrilege. In appearance at least a terrorist society is coherent and powerful, and there would be no answer to such terrorism if it did not exploit an ideology of Reason and of Liberty and thus involve irrationality with Reason, compulsion with Liberty, violence with so-called persuasive measures, in a word contradiction with an illusory coherence.
    — Henri Lefebvre, Everyday Life in the Modern World (1971)

  5. Yet my ears still wander the sky
    my eyes keep hunting for underground water
    and my hands hold a small book
    describing the grotesqueness of modern white society
    when looked down at from the nonwhite world
    in my fingers there’s a thin cigarette—
    I wish it were hallucinogenic
    though I am tired of indiscriminate ecstasy
    — Ryuichi Tamura (1923-1998), from ”My Imperialism”